What’s your story?

What’s your story?

Everyone has a story. Even if you think you’ve lived the dullest life there is, you’ve got a story. I remember listening to a guy who worked for Endemol, the TV production company (they were initially responsible for Big Brother, among loads of other popular shows). He commented that everything had a story, even something as basic as Deal or No Deal. Although there’s no conventional narrative, we buy into the story of the contestant and their game – the ups of getting rid of blues and the downs of eliminating the reds.

So, if Deal or No Deal has an engrossing story, how much more interesting is our own? We’ve soared and we’ve crashed, we’ve hurt and been hurt, we’ve gone through happiness and sadness, we’ve loved and we’ve lost. You may have been unwilling to share your tale because of those people who never seem to shut up about themselves. But, if you’ve never told it before, the people around you would love to hear your story.

So why not go beyond the ‘How are you? I’m fine’ conversation and tell your story? And if someone is telling you their story, listen. Really listen – you’ll probably find out something quite amazing.

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