Using the Bible with children and young people

Help the Bible come alive for children and young people

The Bible has a bad rep among many children and young people, even those who are part of a church community. This training will help you help them get into the story of the Bible. It’s more than just an ancient book, more than a collection of rules. It’s the story of the King and his kingdom, the story of salvation, our story. So how can we help children and young people catch the excitement of engaging with the Bible? And how can we help them interpret it for themselves? Give children and young people these tools, and you’ll set them up for a life of meeting God through the Bible, growing in their relationship with him as they do so.

The workshop involves a little biblical background and some theory on handling the Bible, but you’ll also get the chance to try out lots of different techniques and activities that you can use with children and young people, including drama, art, food, writing, contemplation and much more.