Bible engagement

Help people of all ages open up the Bible

Through his experience at Scripture Union, as well as working with other agencies, Alex has developed key skills in helping people of all ages to engage with the Bible. From writing a Bible guide for Scripture Union volunteers to creating a Bible engagement resource for 11- to 14-year-olds, we’ve got the experience to help connect people with the Bible. We can write individual or group resources and you can be sure that the writing stays true to the Bible and true to the world of the reader, creating a bridge between the two and enabling people to start to interpret the Bible for themselves.


Mettle coverAlex has written a couple of sets of Bible reading notes for Mettle, a Bible reading guide for young people aged 15+. Published by CWR and Youth for Christ, Mettle seeks to help young people connect with the Bible and enable them to interpret what they read for themselves. Alex has also written material for the Mettle discipleship resource, for use in groups of older young people.