Desk editing

Helping a manuscript to be the best it can be

If you’re happy with direction your manuscript is heading, but feel it still needs more work, then a good desk edit may be what it needs. Desk editing sorts out the internal consistency of the manuscript: if it’s a fiction book, a desk edit will sort out plotting, character consistency, timing and the flow of the narrative; a non-fiction desk edit will take care of the progress of the argument, ensure the comprehensibility of the prose, maintain the voice of the author and curate the shape of the book itself.

Deadly Emily

Deadly Emily coverDeadly Emily is a reissue of a book produced in the late nineties. The story, about a girl getting bullied in a new school, was still very strong but the details of the book needed updating to incorporate the latest technological developments. In the late nineties, it was entirely plausible for a girl to get stuck in a disused mineshaft (!), but now, surely she’d have a mobile to help her get out? The manuscript was updated without making many changes to the strong plot, and the book was reborn for a new generation of children.