Research and initial ideas

Kick things off with a burst of creativity

If you’ve got a problem and you need ideas to solve it, if you can see a gap in your market and want to develop a product to exploit it, if things aren’t working and you need a new process/structure/product to address the problem, then Creative Daydream can help you on your way to identifying the way forward. Together, we’ll use a range of ways to help you generate and test ideas and bring a fresh perspective on your situation.

Dark Chapters

Izevel Dark Chapters coverWhat do you do when you’re a Christian publisher, trying to reach young people, when horror is the most popular genre in the secular market? This innovative series, where biblical stories were retold to incorporate the dark elements mentioned in the Bible, but often left out in more traditional retellings. Stories of Moses, Samson and Daniel feature among those published in the Dark Chapters series.


The Story of Christmas

The Story of Christmas coverSometimes the most creative thing to do is the most obvious – children love sticker books and they love Christmas, so we created a Christmas sticker book with traditional but high-quality illustration. The result is flying off the shelves and has also made its way into the Daily Telegraph Christmas catalogue, reaching an audience of around 900,000.