AlexAlex spends his life thinking, often when he shouldn’t be. A good daydream is more than a great replacement for blue sky thinking or being part of a ginger group. Many’s the time Alex has solved problems or come up with fun ideas during a daydream. There are links between daydreaming and creativity, so get dreaming.

Alex was educated in his home town of Bolton, and then at St Andrews University. He then worked for two years in the fine city of Brno in the Czech Republic, where he taught English as a foreign language and was an examiner in national English exams (he was perhaps too fond of failing people…). On his return, Alex worked with two boys with behavioural difficulties in a primary school, before moving onto the publishing department of Scripture Union. Having been trained in all aspects of editing and the publishing industry, Alex took responsibility for some diverse projects such as Sunday School resources, holiday clubs, the million-selling It’s Your Move and some innovative youth resources. He has taken many writing opportunities, with sales of his books and resources now reaching over 150,000.

In his spare time, Alex is involved in community theatre – he is on the steering group of the well-regarded Company MK and has just finished directing and choreographing a concert show for the company. He loves acting, singing and dancing, along with playing football (badly) and supporting Bolton Wanderers (currently a painful experience). He is a keen baker and an untidy cook.

Now Alex is running Creative Daydream, taking everything he has learnt and using it to help customers achieve their goals in publishing, training and creative development.