Really flying

Really flying

I was away recently, volunteering on a residential for young people. It’s a creative arts holiday, where young people can take part in everything from painting to dance, from musical theatre to creative writing. We also do lots of different theme nights and it was my joy to be able to host a Eurovision-style video competition. I loved it, I was in my element – flags, voting, scoreboards, national pride (but no politics getting in the way of the winner – congratulations Russia!).

My co-leader commented that this ‘World-o-vision’ night had gone so well because I was so enthusiastic about it. Other events during the week also went brilliantly because the people running them were doing something they were really good at. They were flying, and the young people had a great time because of the leader’s skill, talent and enthusiasm.

I’m all for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and discovering/developing new talents and skills, but when you get to put all your effort into something that you love and you’re good at, that’s when you soar – that’s often when you produce your best work. So all you need to do is figure out how to get people to pay you to do the things you really, really love. That’s easier said than done, particularly if you’re in a role you don’t find terribly fulfilling. But sometimes we need to be ready to take a big step of faith (and be ready to fail) to give ourselves a chance of really flying.

Now, I wonder if the Danes are looking for someone to host next year’s Eurovision?


Photograph taken by the lovely Saira Final

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