Childrenswork Magazine

Childrenswork Magazine

This week I joined the team of Childrenswork Magazine! Established last year, the magazine aims to help church leaders and children’s workers by bringing them up to date news, thought-provoking articles and quality resources for use in groups and all-age services. It’s exciting to be involved in a project that has so much potential!

I’m only working a certain amount of time a month on the magazine, so I’m still able to take on projects from lots of other clients (recently I’ve been working with companies like BRF and Dubit Limited). However, some of this week has been spent on Childrenswork writing: I’ve written an all-age service, a news item and a blog post, and had a long Twitter conversation with one of the editors about the merits of battenburg cake.

I’m looking forward to working with the Childrenswork team more, and I’ll be visiting Childrenswork Towers later this month. Maybe I should make a battenburg cake to take with me, just to prove that it really is the king of cakes.

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