Fiction and short stories

Settle down with a good tale

Whether it’s retelling actual events (telling the story behind something is such a great way to help people learn more about it and understand what they’ve learnt) or spinning a good yarn, we can help you create great fiction or retold history.

Bauble books

These simple books retell the Christmas story for children under the age of 8. Written simply, but reflecting the biblical story faithfully, they have proved an easy entrance point into the story of Christmas for both children and parents alike.
The Shepherd's Christmas coverMary's Christmas cover

The Dance of Death

Cover of Dance of DeathAn imaginative retelling of the story of the beheading of John the Baptist for young adults, The Dance of Death uses the horror genre to help young people access the Bible in a relevant way. Alex wrote the story as free content for the facebook page of the wider Dark Chapters series, but it was soon published as a small book to give away at times such as Halloween.